OGS Conference 2017 – Day 1

BIFHSGO “British Pub Night” ! in The Observatory at Algonquin College.


I settled in with a Somersby Cider, watched the slide show of beautiful member-submitted photographs of British locations (I REALLY want to go to Scara Brae now!) and listened to a lovely opening song by BIFHSGO President Barbara Tose.

“Hibernia”, a beautiful vocal and harp duo played the first half of the evening, and they were lovely.¬† I met a few friendly people who introduced themselves, and we had draws and trivia.

I did terribly at the trivia, but it was fun ūüôā¬† The second half of the night, “Mooncoin” , a guitar, fiddle and drum trio played.¬† They were¬†very enjoyable¬†with a great sense of humour ūüėȬ† My foot may have been tapping through most of their sets.

By the end of the evening, this happened:


I won the *Big Prize* of the night!¬† I was SO excited!¬† I may have squeaked, I’m really not sure.¬† I’m not even sure if I was supposed to hand in my ticket, even though I made sure to present it as ‘proof’ that I belonged to that number.¬† Did I mention, I was excited?

We ended the evening with a closing song from BIFHSGO President Barbara Tose, and it was lovely!

Thanks #BIFHSGO and #OGSConf2017 and #AncestryDNA , it was a fun evening and I’m really looking forward to the next 4 days!





Chi Series – Ottawa June 2017 Event

So, over the last few years, I kept seeing Events posted on Facebook about the¬†Chiaroscuro Reading Series¬† in Ottawa.¬† And I¬†was really keen¬†to go… but well, life happens.

Until THIS event – June 6th 2017!¬† I said ‘screw you life!’ and decided rather last minute that I was going to attend one of these events – and I’m glad I made the hour-long drive to get there!¬† It was great!

I’ve heard a few sample readings from Authors before at writer conferences, but this was a different experience.

ChiSeries Ottawa had just moved to a new location The Clocktower Brew Pub where everyone met in the cozy and intimate party room down stairs.  A whole room, and bar, all to ourselves with most excellent service!

With the evening’s special Host Sandra Kasturi , we heard samples from Authors: Kathlyn Bradshaw who read an excerpt from her novel The Frankenstein Murders¬†, Michael Libling read from his novella Hollywood North and Julie Czerneda beautifully read excerpts from 3¬†very different works.¬†¬†AND there was¬†a hat story from none other than Marie Bilodeau!

Plus, there were enough donations raised that we were privileged to witness Matt Moore rock¬†a¬†rather dapper¬†basket-hat (of Marie’s choice) for the rest of the evening.

I believe the next Ottawa reading event will be in September – BUT, they have reading events all across Canada!¬† So, if you don’t live near Ottawa, or just can’t wait till September,¬†there are 5 cities¬†choose from (with more to come in the near future) and you can go and¬†support¬†Canadian Authors¬†there/then – because supporting home talent is a good thing ūüėČ

As I had¬†posted on Twitter later that evening¬†–

There really is something magical about hearing author’s works in their own voices.