Limestone Genre Expo 2017 ~ Wrap-up

Thanks to Liz Strange and the Limestone Genre Expo Planning Committee for another year of good writer/reader conference material!

This year I attended 4 Two-Hour Workshops and 4 Panels.



  • “Traditional vs Small Press vs Indie Publishing” ,
  • “Q&A with Forensic Investigator Jeff Smith” of the Kingston Police Force
  • “Story Development and Editing Q&A” with Kris Jacen of MLR Press
  • “When to Listen and When to Ignore Writing Advice”

The last panel, moderated by Cait Gordon, was a great way to end a conference.  In closing, they were all asked to provide some useful bit of advice for writers. –

My favourite bit of advice offered by Caroline Frechette, which she says she passes along from someone that offered it to her ~ “Write as though nobody’s ever going to see it.”   A good bit of freedom in that – Thanks! 🙂






Beyond the Darkness – Podcast

Beyond the Darkness – Podcast:

Tagline: “Enlightening & Entertaining discussions about all things Paranormal with world renowned researchers and experiencers, challenging everything we think we know about Ghosts, Ghouls, Angels, Demons, Aliens, Monster Encounters, Mysteries and Miracles.”

A new podcast born out of a previous long-running radio show “Darkness on the Edge of Town” a.k.a “Darkness Radio” which was an awesome place to go for all things Paranormal.  As of January 2017, its 11 year run was ended, and “Beyond the Darkness” on has since taken its place for listeners.

Aside from the themed Paranormal content, the show’s longevity is mostly due to the two co-hosts who created and produced the Darkness Radio   show – Dave & Tim.  What I like most about the pair is their interviewing style, which says a lot about their personality and business integrity.  They’ve always done their best to provide quality interviews delivered with respect for their guest as well as the audience.  Their shows are informative for anyone interested in the Paranormal, whether they’re new to the topic, or researching for decades.  On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoy their humour and their compassion for those in need.

Their success has gained them thousands of listeners from around the world, but they were also invited to guest host for Coast to Coast   radio for the past few years.

For Paranormal content, these are the guys I go to first for podcast listening.