Limestone Genre Expo 2017 ~ Wrap-up

Thanks to Liz Strange and the Limestone Genre Expo Planning Committee for another year of good writer/reader conference material!

This year I attended 4 Two-Hour Workshops and 4 Panels.



  • “Traditional vs Small Press vs Indie Publishing” ,
  • “Q&A with Forensic Investigator Jeff Smith” of the Kingston Police Force
  • “Story Development and Editing Q&A” with Kris Jacen of MLR Press
  • “When to Listen and When to Ignore Writing Advice”

The last panel, moderated by Cait Gordon, was a great way to end a conference.  In closing, they were all asked to provide some useful bit of advice for writers. –

My favourite bit of advice offered by Caroline Frechette, which she says she passes along from someone that offered it to her ~ “Write as though nobody’s ever going to see it.”   A good bit of freedom in that – Thanks! 🙂






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