This year, ROMANCING THE CAPTIAL 2016   ( #RTC2016 ) was held May 5-7th 2016, again at Holiday Inn  Kanata (Ottawa Ontario Canada) location .  This time, I not only attended the evening activities, I lured a couple of friends to join in too!

Of the writing conferences I have attended over the last few years, this one is my favourite.  I enjoy them all and really get a lot out of them, but this one is by far the most fun.  Eve Langlais  does a tremendous job and puts so much into the organization, the overall tone of the event is geared toward having a good time, it’s really difficult not to.

I took advantage of the writing panels on Thursday, which most were geared toward the business side of publishing.  The panel I took the most from was “POV and finding your Voice” presented by Deborah Cooke .  Voice and POV craft are tricky topics, and her delivery of the information was very concise and useful –  she talked about when a writer might use these tools, and how best to.  And I have to say, she has a most excellent Voice!

That evening, some of us were loaded up into a bus and whisked off to the downtown core to enjoy The Haunted Walk   led by tour guide Leonard and sponsored by Viola Grace, who is hilarious!  What a great sense of humour!

Unfortunately, my body seemed to have been trying to fight off some kind of disease-bug and I missed most of the panels scheduled for Friday.  After plenty of napping, I was well enough to return for the Cowboy themed dinner (delicious!), where of all the different life-size cut-out guys around the room, everyone was hoping they had the winning ticket for Dean Winchester.  Me included.  No matter that I had  no idea what to do with a cardboard Dean. However, my friend convinced me he’d make a great ride-along companion since I drive so much.  My rather bemused husband, was a little relived that I didn’t win the Dean.

Sunday morning had a panel “Adding Queer Characters” presented by Nathan Burgoine  that was more of an intimate chat.  I really enjoyed that discussion too.  Later that afternoon was the Author Book Signing.  It was packed!  The evening ended after the 80’s themed dinner (Again, Delicious!) , where I again lost the prize (Viola Grace’s quilt), and also the trivia.  But it was a great time. AND – the best costume was the man-sized Optimist Prime!   I’m happy I had the chance to chat with  Tina Christopher  about writing and characters, after dinner had wrapped up.

Aside from all the fun and interaction with some really cool Authors, there is also the neat stuff I got to take home.  Lots of the usual SWAG, but a few other neat things like: the awesome quilted goodie pouches that Viola Grace made; “Chance Creek” paper dolls from Cora Seton ;  and some free books from Viola Grace , Barbara Devlin (with a beautiful bookmark fob),  S.E. Smith (two from Susan Smith, one from the Dragon series, and another YA novel for my teen daughter.  There were also some cute dragling buttons for my younger daughter).

I came away with two purchased books: one from Claire Delacroix , and one from  Layna Pimentel (which came with lovely handmade soap!)  I missed out on Nathan Burgoine’s new Triad Blood novel.

So, that was #RTC2016 and it was a lot of fun.  Next year looks like an August event according the Eve Langlais’ facebook page.  I’m looking forward to it already!